(after  about hearing advice about how I could finally get with that novel if I found some models to inspire me)


I like to use models for writing;

Tall, fair, with well-defined buttocks.

A Dark Lady will do in a pinch;

I am not prejudiced.


(Somehow, I do not think my well-meaning advisors had that in mind)


Ursula Hegi

I have just been reading a few Ursula Hegi novels:  Floating in My Mother’s Palm, and Salt Dancers, and The Worst Thing I’ve Done.  I found all gorgeous reads.   The most moving, for me, was Salt Dancers.   A woman, pregnant at last, returns to her home to confront her memories of her father.  It is a luminous examination of the nature of memory, as the main character’s perceptions of her past shift and sometimes distort.  Perhaps the most harrowing parts of the novel deal with the beginnings of her father’s abuse of her.  Not sexual abuse, but beatings, beginning with a spanking, the first the girl had endured, and her sense of bewilderment and betrayal.  Revealed later in the novel,   the terrible irony that her mother had endured beatings, then left, believing that the daughter would be safe with the father, he doted on her  so.

This is not an easy book to read.   But I have rarely read a more  real book.

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