Almost baba rumdummy

The Leonard Cohen verse about “when you’ve done a line or two”…reminded me of one notable occasion with a dollar rolled into a tube.


I did a couple of lines

listening to Be Here Now,

and I was there, then.

Everything is profound

when you breath through a dollar.

I never noticed it cease is weightiness.

Perhaps that is significant.

See!  despite all

I have not rid myself of perhaps.

So, just


I never snorted those lines at all,



it was just icing sugar

and I am thinking as through a layer cake,

or perhaps,

my brain has become Turkish delight

and,  damn it! damn it!

I cannot determine

if I am lemon or rosewater.

But I take heart

that if it is indeed frosted over

I am protected from inedibility

by the words of Baba

filtered through a cloud of unknowing

by that line of whatever it was,

it was,

and thank karma there were two.










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