Conan’s patron god

Conan mostly invokes his name, only in curses…”by Crom!”  that sort of thing.  But, there is enough in the Conan stories to suggest the nature of the Cimmerian god.  One of many, of course, most peoples throughout history and before have believed in many gods and goddesses.  Perhaps it is a subtle realization that a universe as capricious as ours had to be made by committee, that no one really is in charge.   Therefore, make a deal with a god, and, if he or it or she comes through, great, if not, choose another deity.  The notion that the bad things that happen to us are “sent to test us” would have been ludicrous.  Surely the gods already know whether we are going to pass or not.

In some way, Crom reminded me of aspects of the god Odin, a god still celebrated among pagans in the Norse and Germanic traditions.

Anyway.  I always kind of liked the idea of a god who simply gave gifts at birth, and then left us alone to make our way.  Conan’s patron deity, Crom, is like that in the Conan stories.  When I was even more a space cadet than I am now, I once dreamed of creating a religion based on Crom.   But what the hell, he wouldn’t care.   He might even get pissed off.

So I wrote this instead.

Crom’s Way

It is said I live only in books;

If so, I am in good company.

Nothing lives only in books,

Unreal except between covers.

Although, books offer only a representation,

An image of a shadow in the author,

Not the thing, itself.



My home is a great hall,

High on a misty mountain.

I am Crom,

And I have little to do with you.

At birth, my spirit puffs gifts into you,

Gifts of strength and hardiness,

Strength to hold and strength to slay.

What?  I do not care.

I am Crom,

Most honest of all gods,

For how, or whether you use my gifts

Means little to me.

Although, it does please me to see men,

Yes, and women, too

Rejoicing in their power.


Some pray to me for help,

To them I send curses.

No god can help cowards or weaklings.

Who can help those

Who have forgotten what they already have?


Some pray to release their power,

They say:  You have given me all I need,

Now may I draw it from my heart,

And if you do not care to help,

Get out of my way!  To hell with you!


These are my true children.



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