I have always had an attraction to the Norse gods.  I grew up reading their stories.  Somehow, the grand tragedy of the Norse myths…the fact that the gods, themselves, faced the same end as the rest of creation, appealed to my heart.  The notion of an omnipotent, omniscient deity who had no beginning and no ending was beyond my feeble intellect.  In the Norse myths, the universe begins in chaos, and form emerges from it.  The gods are a product of that process, just as we are.  Their tales entrance me, especially the tales of the ordeals that the god Odin endured:  plucking out an eye for the power of clairvoyance, hanging, spear-wounded, on the tree of the universe to learn the runes.  Odin goes under many names…Wanderer, Ill-worker,  Alfather, among others.  I think Conan’s god Crom represents at least an aspect of  Odin, or, I like to think that.  Anyway, over the years I have often attempted to work with the visions that come to me from the north…the sacred direction!  Here is a vision of  Odin


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