The Unnamed

I see you cross the room

To me, I think, gasping in the breath,

Hold it now, not noticing, will-less

The sharp uprise of light-headed joy,

Now plunged into dark when you pass

And clutch the arms of another, one, I think

Instantly, unworthy.  How callow is love’s disappointment!

I stand, baffled.  It must be sheer luck,

He surely has no more than I, less, less, of course!

How can you put it off, this passion for me,

And pass it to one who cannot know you,

Not as I do, cannot see your soul, taste your heart?

Beloved, I sometimes become quite despairing,

I confess it, even as you continue to play.  Someday,

We shall spend bright evenings abed discussing  it,

Debating with many a laugh and many a sigh

This long separation we have endured so heroically,

Once we have submitted  to our true destiny.

Now, you arise.  Now, you leave, graceful as a swan in flight,

And I cross the sultry room

To ask who you were.


Kraft durch Freude

Sometimes I feel like a Bentley.

Mostly, I act the Volkswagen.

Nothing wrong with German cars,

(Strength through Joy,

The one motto the Nazis got right…)

But when I am a Bentley,

I am too dignified for laughter,

A muffled “haw…haw” is all I manage,

So I will choose a Beetle for the charm of it.


The world is full of oriental cars, now.

Strength, but no joy.

I cannot get excited about Toyotas,

Hyundais and Hondas leave me cold;

Miatas are great cars,

But there is no soul like a Jag’s,

No flash and dash like an Aston Martin,

A Mercedes, Bimmer, even an Austin Healey.

Pride!…and joy!!!!!


So, when you, in midnight journey pass

Me, awaiting tow-trucks on the grass;

As you go colourlessly on,

Raise an imaginary glass!

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