Noman’s footgear

As Noman walked a long and dusty road, his right sandal strap broke.  He looked back the way he had come.  Then ahead.   Nothing.  No sign of human habitation, and most certainly, no sign of either a sandal-seller, or a cobbler.  Noman squatted by the side of the road, and tried to tie the broken ends together, but, it just wouldn’t do.

So Noman threw aside his sandal, and continued on his way.

As the day wore on, Noman found himself becoming more tired than usual, for the time of day.  He guessed it was because he was wearing only one sandal.  So, he took off his left sandal and threw it aside.  Pointless carrying it.  Again, there was no sign of a cobbler.

Noman strode on, rejoicing that he had divested himself  of yet another encumbrance.

An hour or so passed, and Noman stopped, mopped his brow, and looked at the side of the road..

He saw a sandal.   Someone had cast it aside, perhaps because the other sandal had broken, and he had no further use for this one.  Noman looked again.

It was a right sandal.

Noman was certain there was something to be learned from this.  Or not.

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