Noman and the Snakes

Another parable of arcane wisdom featuring Noman the Stylite,  who is not on his pillar, because it was demolished, during a brief period of Byzantine urban renewal.

Noman the Stylite was puzzled.  He stood in the middle of the road, and watched a pair of snakes copulating.  He was puzzled, because he could not tell the male from the female, and he wondered how they could.

Noman remembered the tale of Tiresias, a sage of ancient Greece, who had seen the same thing.  The sage had struck the snakes with his staff, and was instantly turned into a woman.  He lived as a woman for seven years until she finally encountered copulating serpents, struck them, and became a man again, somewhat regretfully.

Noman had always wondered what it would be like to be a woman, so he struck the copulating snakes with his staff.

Instantly, Noman was transformed into a female snake.  Almost at once, a male snake appeared, and leered the snaky equivalent of  “at last, a looker.”  Noman considered that since he was no longer a man, he just might be able to  dispense with the vow of celibacy.   The male snake rather aggressively made his mind up for him.  The experience was, to say the least, alarming.

Noman hid under a rock, until he sensed the approach of a human.  His snaky senses actually only told him the pedestrian was warmblooded.  He crawled from under the rock and wiggled provocatively.  At once, a second male snake attempted a baroque form of sexual assault known only to serpents.  Noman tried to be yielding.

The pedestrian stopped to watch, then struck at the snakes with her staff.

Noman instantly became a man again, and turned to his benefactress.  When she stopped screaming, he said:

“Have you seen a robe and staff, I seem to have misplaced them?”


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