99 percent crap

I sit and write

Forgettable stuff

99 percent crap,

But i write it all down,

All kinds of forgettable


Poems about sex

Poems about birds

and trees and oceans

and turds.

Poems about little girls

Poems about dirty old men

Who write poems about little girls;

Poems about drinking coffee

More poems about sex

Even more poems about sex

Poems about frustration

Poems about pointlessness

Poems about not getting it up

Poems about not keeping it up

Poems about losing it

Poems about being too old for her

Poems about her not caring about age

Poems about defeat

Poems about pratfalls

Lost love

Kept love

Misplaced love

Ill-considered love

Unattainable love.

Poems about punctuation,

No poems about spelling;

More poems about sex

Poems about losing your memory

Poems about boring people who

Repeat themselves

Because they are losing their memory

Poems about losing your memory


Scratch that last one;

Poems about sad haunters of coffee shops

And bars, lamenting

The condition of their bodily functions,

The condition of their pocketbook,

The state of the union,

Global warming,

The coming ice age;

Poems about bodily functions:

Ingestion, digestion,


Sweating, farting,



Poems about not being able to;

Poems about wishing you had company

So you could;

Poems about poetry;

Poems slagging poems about poetry;

Poems about that delicious snugglebottom

Sitting over there working her laptop,

Please god, don’t let her be a poet;

Poems about sex;


Poems about sex with her;

Poems about wishful thinking;

Poems about having to write poems,

Knowing most of them are forgettable


Poems like this one,



For a one percenter;


Just missed



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