Something Remaining

It’s Sunday

And I’m sitting in the food fair,

Hillside Mall

just finishing a coffee

the last remnant

of a lunch special:

soup-roll-donut (caramel apple



I look at the families

mom, dad, kids,

getting ready to chow down,

celebrating the seventh day

by escaping the need to make lunch.


I am never

in that position



I used to take my little girl.

We would go to the library,

picked up videos and books,

and then went to the food fair.

She would have hot chocolate,

with lots of whipped cream;

i would have coffee, black, no sugar.

We would watch the people

and she would sip her hot chocolate,

making moustaches with whipped cream,

and I would sip my coffee,

and she would read one of her books

and I would read one of mine, or

look around and

write in my notebook.


I’m still here,

but now it’s just me

and the coffee,

and a book,

and the people chowing down

and this notebook.


These remain.



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