My Love Does Not Discriminate

Let me embrace those I love, all,

Is it so terrible a thing?

Ah, discriminate, you say.

I do, I do.  Among all this dross

That cumbers the weary earth,

I choose you…and you…and

You.  Yes, three’s a crowd and five

A mob, but they are but a droplet

In the sewage lagoon of humanity.


And you with the cliched cheeks,

And you with the perfect mouth,

And you, standing, posing, waiting

For cappuccino, alas, not for me,

You, too.  Every day in every way

These dazzlers turn my eyes.


And you, possessing your place,

Full of power and assurance, you, too.

I’ll never shun you because you are male,

No more than you, because you are fat,

Or you, for your age, you, for your colour.

Where my heart leans, I let it.

It is not a rabid beast;

It needs no restraint.


I should have been a many-armed Hindu god,

To embrace all you whom I love.

I would then have but two regrets:

I would have only one pair of lips,

And of course,

But one eager phallus.

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