I woke up to my dog’s puking.

There he was, horking up in the hallway,

Fortunately, not on a rug.


I was stirred from a dozedream.

You know the kind;

You can’t tell if it is dream, or daydream.


Third time to wake last  night,

The others from urgings to piss,

Proclaimed by splendiforous erections,

Limiting the capacity to urinate,

While trumpeting the need.

So, I was fully awake by the time

My bladder was empty and member flaccid.


And not even a hot dream to enhance the experience.


So. In my dozedream,

I am in my next incarnation,

Or the next one, perhaps.

In that one, I am a girl

From a poor but honest family,

Struggling to get an education, and, so,

Raise herself from penury,

And to avoid, at all costs

Being possessed by the rich man’s

Intelligent and handsome, but, arrogant son,

Who is unaccountably taken with me.


But, once I have attained my goal,

My life seems as pointless as his,

So we fuck, anyway, in mutual desperation,

Breed more brats just like ourselves,

And die, wondering if just maybe

We have missed something.


Then, hanging about in the bardo,

We realize we missed absolutely nothing;

We are just stuck with coming back,

Again and again,

With the gnawing, creepy feeling

That there really is nothing to learn

From all this.



It was not like that at all.

Just kidding.

I was merely totally pissed off,

At awaking, at my age

With a magnificent

But pointless erection.


So, I dozed again.

And the dog puked.


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