Divinity epigrams

God’s Commissioning.

On the eighth day,

God said to Satan:

Your mission,

Should you choose to accept it….

The Unlikely Servant

I really must tell you, Satan,

That without you,

What colour would vanish!

The Infidels

I love the unbelievers!

They do my will,

In spite of themselves.

God’s Discontent

I gave you life,

And you want more?

God Reflects on Wars and Calamities

When I want man to love  me,

I send him reasons to deny me.

God’s Irony

Men love me most

When I deserve it least.

The Architect’s Lament

I created heaven,

And you built hell.

God Muses

Perhaps it would have been better

If I had created woman,

And only then, made man.

God’s Admiration

A sinner saved!

That is fair enough, but,

Oh, my! how he sinned!

The Prophets

I could have been boring and reasonable,

But, instead,

I made them all semites.

God’s Annoyance

I am infinite, they are finite.

How dare they presume

To know my will.

God Shakes His Head

From what I have seen,

It’s about time

To start again.


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