On Father’s Day

(Lines interpreted from Nanaimo petroglyphs)


It is a sunny day and the cloudy

Sky defies distraction.  Dear me.

He carried a suit to the cleaners,

But, wore instead a velvet jacket.


The pickup trucks have scythes on their wheels,

For the white arrows on the asphalt are most

Suggestive.  The girl in low heels

Clatters and swaggers.  Wear sunglasses on your


Forehead, girl.  Do not attempt abstraction;

This is father’s day and no one knows why,

Or is it fathers’ day.  I can live with that.

There are no leaves scittering, the artemesia

Is grey as a head.


I am reading Homage to Catalonia,

And I suddenly am full of bereftitude:

Christ! I miss the cold war, and its stale newsprint;

Christ! I miss the war between the sexes,

Solo anthems, hot and cold;

Christ! I miss the war against drugs, its banners

Tepid at best. Build your cellars above ground, codger!

Christ! I miss the war against terror,

I am enchanted by futility.


Let’s all go to Spain and join the anarchist

Army.  Try not to laugh at contradiction. Ha!  Ha!

It makes it all worthwhile.  You have to walk,

There are no elevators in the towers of silence.

You are ordered to leave your shoes at the door.

A small boy arranges them carefully.  He is not beaten.


There are no manuals for my station;

I will have a beer in the foyer, instead.

(That woman escaped.  The baboons were bewildered.)

I had my wrist slapped for isolation.

I have become gracefully acquainted with pain;

Suffering eludes me.  I failed to follow up.

There is no way out when you stand in the open…there.

There! What did you expect?  Sausages and eggs?

Spaghetti and limpets?  Chives and hives?


I look at your feet and cannot walk;

The eyes, however, are the windows of the sole.

Have it lightly fried, dusted with flower,

Mind the little bones, even here. Uh! Oh!

Hey, buddy, yer flies undone!

I always wondered why we didn’t.

Thank you, dear, for forgetting what didn’t occur.

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