Sitting over coffee this morning.


I see no fathers;

I see a school without;

I see no judgements;

I see fixed smiles;

I see toothy grins;

I see a world saved by accountants;

I see male genitalia as irrelevant excrescences;

I see pharmaceutical companies running factories for fetuses;

I see no footprints behind me;

I see love, by law, expressed only in pornography;

I see no writing of letters;

I see you choosing a whip before roses;

I see high-diving into empty pools;

I see the cheering;

I see soundless laughter;

I see the bruises on your arm;

(I see you keep your heart, there;)

I see what I don’t want to;

I see rats and insects honoured as icons;

I see the death of wanting;

I see the death;

I see the nothing;

I see beauty is become fascism;

I see no callings;

I see no means of support;

I see no choice between you;

I see wars fought by quadriplegics;

I see aphrodisiacs sold to children, in vending machines;

I see we are all one another;

I see used car salesmen performing vasectomies;

I see passion for inflatable dolls;

I see children ordered on ebay;

I see them traded, used, for albino Yorkshire terriers;

I see Santa Claus as a black, Jewish mongoloid woman;

I see fleeing to another gender, and back, and again;

I see babies wielding knives and parents waving rattles;

I see only virtual fucking;

I see the end of addictions;

I see classless society has a whole new meaning;

I see this as great literature.

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