Spanked Like Me

I love attention-grabbing titles.   At some point in the not too distant future, I will pen my thoughts on this most contentious of child-rearing (rearing??? no pun intended!) techniques.  I am afraid I probably have the same ambivalence toward it, that many veterans of the bent-over posture have.  Thus, I am likely to offend.  No apologies.  Although I can only really recall one at-home instance, there were times when the vice-principal had occasion to exercise on me.  (This is referred to in the page The Big Storm)  I survived those none the worse for wear.  Perhaps I was simply fortunate.

There is a holiness in all intimacy, even the most painful, and, hence I titled the piece Wondrous Love, after one of my favourite hymns (although I am not a believer, those tunes move me), plus there is a reference to another great hymn, Blessed Assurance.  By the way, ‘intimacy’…I am not a fool.  I know many have been simply abused in the guise of discipline…this is not the intimacy I refer to.  THAT intimacy only occurs when both parties care for and love each other.Wondrous Love

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