Love Was a Broken Record

Is this an allegory?   Damn! I wish it were.

Notwithstanding that, this little exercise  was written while I was internet-bereft, my modem having gone to the great cybercemetery in the sky.

Go ahead.  Search for deeper meaning, but remember the words of Deteriorata..”a walk through the ocean of most souls, would scarcely get your feet wet.” Love was a Broken Record

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Charlie Brown and Me

I don’t know why, but this one just needs to be out there.   Curse you, Red Baron!Charlie and Me

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Spanked Like Me

I love attention-grabbing titles.   At some point in the not too distant future, I will pen my thoughts on this most contentious of child-rearing (rearing??? no pun intended!) techniques.  I am afraid I probably have the same ambivalence toward it, that many veterans of the bent-over posture have.  Thus, I am likely to offend.  No apologies.  Although I can only really recall one at-home instance, there were times when the vice-principal had occasion to exercise on me.  (This is referred to in the page The Big Storm)  I survived those none the worse for wear.  Perhaps I was simply fortunate.

There is a holiness in all intimacy, even the most painful, and, hence I titled the piece Wondrous Love, after one of my favourite hymns (although I am not a believer, those tunes move me), plus there is a reference to another great hymn, Blessed Assurance.  By the way, ‘intimacy’…I am not a fool.  I know many have been simply abused in the guise of discipline…this is not the intimacy I refer to.  THAT intimacy only occurs when both parties care for and love each other.Wondrous Love

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Did She Plan It Just That Way?

She was perhaps nineteen,

Maybe twenty.

Black hair and blue eyes,

Round face and a small nose,

So soft a body.

She was all in black,

She wore tights, and

When she turned away,

There was a small white circle,

A circle of fair bare skin on her right cheek,

Moving and gesturing,

As she waited.

It said:

Here is hesitancy,

I want you to see;

I did not notice.

The ‘which’ of these


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I wrote this poem, after reading an account reported by Robert Kaplan, in Balkan Dreams…about a Serbian king, and his life. Princess Simonide

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Muslims At the Beach

I wrote this last summer, but, with the sun shining and the beach looking like it is about ready to welcome the mobs, I thought I would resurrect it.Muslims at the Beach

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I dreamed of Timbuktu

This one written today, after a depressing read of the paper over a coffee.Timbuktu

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That got your attention.Love

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Ursula Hegi

I have just been reading a few Ursula Hegi novels:  Floating in My Mother’s Palm, and Salt Dancers, and The Worst Thing I’ve Done.  I found all gorgeous reads.   The most moving, for me, was Salt Dancers.   A woman, pregnant at last, returns to her home to confront her memories of her father.  It is a luminous examination of the nature of memory, as the main character’s perceptions of her past shift and sometimes distort.  Perhaps the most harrowing parts of the novel deal with the beginnings of her father’s abuse of her.  Not sexual abuse, but beatings, beginning with a spanking, the first the girl had endured, and her sense of bewilderment and betrayal.  Revealed later in the novel,   the terrible irony that her mother had endured beatings, then left, believing that the daughter would be safe with the father, he doted on her  so.

This is not an easy book to read.   But I have rarely read a more  real book.

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I Hate I Love

I hate, I love

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