Transgender 1

“One” because there are likely to be other rambles like this one.  This does not pretend to be an argument, or an essay, just some thoughts after watching an episode of the British cold case series… Waking the Dead.

I first encountered the notion of  transgenderism in the 1970s (no surprise there).  I read a now-classic autobiography by Canary Conn, simply called Canary, chronicling her journey to final physical realization.  At that point I was probably like many others, equating transgenderism with being gay.   It never struck me until much later that it was a good deal more complex than that.  The Crying Game, and Transamerica were important points in my own understanding.  Transamerica, truly tragicomic.  Perhaps the most touching moment is late in the film in which the main character, having just had final gender reassignment surgery, says “I fucked up.”  Did that mean that he too late realized he was not transgender, or that he did not need the surgery?

In The Crying Game, the most telling moment is also late in the film, when the woman-wh0-is-really-a-man visits the Stephen Rea character in prison;  you really forget ‘she’ is actually a ‘he’.  For me, the fascinating part of the Crying Game was my own reactions.  Frankly, the Dil character was the absolute most feminine creature who has ever troubled my sleep.  Thanks, guy.

Number three in my list of tranny classics is that episode of Waking the Dead…Walking on Water, centring around a young man, Mark,  who lives as a woman, Maria.  In this one, there is no indication a gender change was planned.

And why should it be?  We live constantly with two different manifestations of gender…physical and psychological.  Is it necessary for the two to be one?  I think most likely not.  A person may see themselves as of the other gender, yet still have no desire to change their body.  As part of the lead up to surgery, candidates are often required to live as the opposite gender for a year, before the final event.  I wonder how many times it works out that the important thing IS living as the other, not necessarily having all the requisite organs.  And, let’s face it, we are really only talking about one part of the genitalia.  As for the other, well, all mammals are equipped with teats, and certainly both genders of the human.   (A male can even be induced to lactate…I kid you not)

If a male who is a female in mind falls in love with me, is he being gay?  Not at all.  His female desires my male.  And if I respond, is it not my male responding to his female?  To me, actually being gay means males in spirit desiring other males in spirit, and females in spirit desiring other females in spirit.  For the transsexual,   only the actions can be defined as gay, the motivations are in fact heterosexual.

A final note:  This is not to say that there are not people who are psychically crippled by the sense they are living in the wrong body.  They should get the surgical help they need.

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