In God we trust

I wrote much of this in answer to another blog, but I thought I should repeat it here:

“In God we trust” first appeared on a coin minted in 1864.  It has nothing to do with the founding of the American republic.  It is an add-on, presumeably at the urging of religionists.

Another, and perhaps more surprising add-on (perversion???) is “one nation under God”.  That was added to the pledge to the American flag in 1951, at the urging of a movement spear-headed by the Knights of Columbus, who wanted some reference to the deity (theirs) in the pledge.

The founding fathers were bigger than that.  All they said, in the Declaration of Independence, was “endowed by the creator”.  That was as far as they went toward acknowledging religion in America.

America has not always been dominated by religious crazies.  The founding fathers tried to prevent that by distancing the state, which looks to the welfare of the whole, from the vested interests of religious organizations.

Regrettably, the intellectual half-wits who make up such a proportion of the voters, would not tolerate a leader who reflected the values of the founders of their nation.  So, every leader, however intelligent, has to have some sort of religious condition.

Pity about Obama.  He seemed so promising.  Oh well.  Perhaps his religious convictions will not get in the way of policies to restore the heart of the American vision.

I wish him well in that endeavour.  I am not American, but the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution are two of the noblest of all documents.  The America which would live by them would have the respect of the whole  world.

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