Wisdom Teeth

These will be the death of man. Think of it. Unless a thoughtful Nature decides to once and for all discard them, they will afflict us to our end. Aeons hence, when man is but a remnant, sponging off the cultural detritus of fuller ages, that pathetic crew, clinging together, will still collapse of infections from that evolutionary left-over, those extra teeth, for which our mouths have no room. (There is a lesson here) Even if all our natural predators…that happy gang of viruses and bacteria…are all finally beaten off, those four pockets of potential pain will remain. One by one, over the years, the breeders will die before they can pass on their tired genes. Sooner or later, agonizingly later, the last human will crouch by a failing fire, moaning feverishly over his swollen jaw, and whimpering a prayer to deities who will have long since passed their favour to dolphins, or baboons.

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  1. Not sure what you mean by this, but it’s awesome nonetheless.

    Had my wisdom teeth out in October, and my tonsils out last week. Love those evolutionary hold-overs, eh?

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