In God we trust

I wrote much of this in answer to another blog, but I thought I should repeat it here:

“In God we trust” first appeared on a coin minted in 1864.  It has nothing to do with the founding of the American republic.  It is an add-on, presumeably at the urging of religionists.

Another, and perhaps more surprising add-on (perversion???) is “one nation under God”.  That was added to the pledge to the American flag in 1951, at the urging of a movement spear-headed by the Knights of Columbus, who wanted some reference to the deity (theirs) in the pledge.

The founding fathers were bigger than that.  All they said, in the Declaration of Independence, was “endowed by the creator”.  That was as far as they went toward acknowledging religion in America.

America has not always been dominated by religious crazies.  The founding fathers tried to prevent that by distancing the state, which looks to the welfare of the whole, from the vested interests of religious organizations.

Regrettably, the intellectual half-wits who make up such a proportion of the voters, would not tolerate a leader who reflected the values of the founders of their nation.  So, every leader, however intelligent, has to have some sort of religious condition.

Pity about Obama.  He seemed so promising.  Oh well.  Perhaps his religious convictions will not get in the way of policies to restore the heart of the American vision.

I wish him well in that endeavour.  I am not American, but the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution are two of the noblest of all documents.  The America which would live by them would have the respect of the whole  world.

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Proof of God, a ramble

I always questioned all the arguments for the existence of  God.  None made any sense to me.  One thing, however, struck me as being a real possibility.   Revelation.  Manifestation.  God here and now.  God actually talking to yah!  But,  then, look at who he chooses to talk to, at least according to the so-called holy books.  He saves Lot, who promptly gets drunk and has sex with his daughters.  (His wife turning into a pillar of salt must have unhinged him)  Altho…to be fair…they seduced him.  And  boys will be boys.  But, if there were 50 or so like Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah,  God would have spared both towns.   Anyway.  Moving up through the centuries to Jesus,  who promises eternal life to those who follow him, completely overlooking the obvious result that the intellectual midgets who become braindead at baptism (too much time under water?) would use those words to seek out and destroy all who do not believe.   And then there’s Mohammed.  Mind you, at least the Koran is direct about how to live, and is honest about holy war.  (What you see is what you get.)  Too bad so many of us non-muslims fail to read it.  If we did,  we would know where we really stand with our muslim neighbors.

After looking at that stuff,  I was about to give up on the whole thing,  and return to an old teen-age idea of mine to start a religion based around Crom (the Cimmerians’ god in Howard’s Conan stories) when I spotted my daughter returning from high school.   She has no belief at all.  Just sees no purpose in it.  And is one of the most generous and kind people I know.  God has not so far looked her up.  And, I guess if God isn’t going to talk to someone like her, I have to harbour suspicions of his judgement.

Crom, here I come.   And,  for those who like their gods from books with no author…there’s always Odin and the Aesir and Vanir.

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Wisdom Teeth

These will be the death of man. Think of it. Unless a thoughtful Nature decides to once and for all discard them, they will afflict us to our end. Aeons hence, when man is but a remnant, sponging off the cultural detritus of fuller ages, that pathetic crew, clinging together, will still collapse of infections from that evolutionary left-over, those extra teeth, for which our mouths have no room. (There is a lesson here) Even if all our natural predators…that happy gang of viruses and bacteria…are all finally beaten off, those four pockets of potential pain will remain. One by one, over the years, the breeders will die before they can pass on their tired genes. Sooner or later, agonizingly later, the last human will crouch by a failing fire, moaning feverishly over his swollen jaw, and whimpering a prayer to deities who will have long since passed their favour to dolphins, or baboons.

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